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By this point in time, you’ve more than likely made a start on building your app idea within Bubble.

While there’s no denying how powerful the tool is, it’s also important to acknowledge how steep the initial learning curve can be.

When I first discovered Bubble, I decided to start by learning how to rebuild the most popular features from existing apps that I already knew and loved.

From building a feed of posts like Instagram, to listing products on a marketplace like Fiverr, and even creating bookings for properties like Airbnb. This was by far the most practical way to level up my Bubble skills.

By learning how to rebuild these popular features, you can easily replicate the exact process within any app you create.

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Save hours and start launching 🚀

Instead of having to manually learn how to rebuild these apps through trial and error, I’m here to save you months of time.

On my website, you can purchase access to over 32+ courses where I break down the step-by-step process to rebuilding some of the worlds most popular apps.

From Airbnb, Uber, Instagram, and more – I publish detailed video insights about recreating the most important features of every product.

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Bring your app to life 🤩

If your app idea has been sitting in limbo, it’s time to give it one solid chance at coming to life.

When you purchase lifetime access to all of my courses (existing & future), you’ll have a recorded list of actionable steps to follow. This will get you from idea to App Store in a fraction of the time.

As you’ll be buying lifetime access, you can revisit and stream this content at any point in the future.

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"Really great courses to actually get up and building with Bubble. Lachlan doesn't waste a lot of time with "fluff" information, just the stuff you need to know and why you need to know it. If you're wanting to get up and building something then these are the courses you need to take."
Self-portrait of no-code maker, Marcus Byrd
Marcus Byrd
No-Code Maker
"This course exceeded all the expectations I had when I decided to take it a week ago. Lachlan, thank you so much for conceiving and designing the most simple to understand and helpful Bubble courses out there."
Self-portrait of founder, Toyeeb Godo
Toyeeb Godo
"Clear, concise and to the point. As a noob to Bubble I was able to follow along quite easily with the course content and had my cloned app within a day. Lots of concepts learnt here I can already carry over into other projects. If you want to jump into the no-code space, this is a great place to start"
Self-portrait of consultant, Kody Sjöberg
Kody Sjöberg
Lead Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

None at all! All you’ll need is a free Bubble account to get started. I’ll start from the basics and walk you through everything in detail.

Absolutely! I’d love to make my courses as accessible as possible to Bubble makers across the world. If you can’t afford my courses, get in touch and I’ll help sort something out.

I consistently uploaded a new course every 1-2 weeks. This pace allows me to maintain the quality of each course while continually adding new value.

As this bundle states, you’ll be entitled to a 1-hour Zoom session with myself to provide any help or feedback on your build. You’ll also get access to ongoing email support where I can share insights about anything related to my courses. I’ll often respond to any query with a screen recording that walks through the problem-solving process.

It’s important to remember that support is NOT consulting. While I’m happy to help provide guidance, I won’t build your application for you. The purpose of my courses is to empower you with the skills required to build your own application.

Note: My support doesn’t cover anything that’s NOT related to my courses. If you’re looking to buy an hour of time for something completely unrelated, I won’t be able to help you.

After you purchase the bundle, you’ll get immediate access to all of the course tutorials. I’ll then send you a personal email to schedule a time to catch up. Before each call, I’d always recommend sending me a list of items you’d like to cover. This will help me prepare anything I need – ensuring you get the most out of our session.

Yes. If you’re interested in team training, or access to a large cohort of students, feel free to get in touch here.