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Learn from an experienced Bubble developer πŸ”₯

I’ve spent the past 4 years of my life mastering my craft with Bubble. Throughout this time, I’ve built hundreds of applications, worked directly with clients, and eventually started sharing my Bubble knowledge through a series of courses.

My goal is to condense the years of experience I have into an actionable guide you can quickly implement. I want you to start earning a full-time living as a Bubble developer in a matter of weeks, not years.

My content is direct and to the point. I know your time is valuable, so I don’t fluff around. I cut right to the real shit you actually care about and need to know.

Headshot of Lachlan Kirkwood.

The Old Way πŸ‘Ž


Find a coder to build your app


Pay $50,000+


Build over 6-12 months

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What Students Are Saying


"I tried building an Instagram clone by myself on Bubble and got stuck. This course by Lachland helped me worked through it and I managed to have a working version by the time I'm done with the course. Recommended for the clear guide and step-by-step instructions."
Self-portrait of Creative Lead, Safwan Siddiq
Safwan Siddiq
Creative Lead
"The course has a great introduction with easy to follow steps. The course is suitable for all students, especially those who want to create powerful bubble apps quickly and easily."
Self-portrait of CEO & Founder, Pantelis Antoniadis
Pantelis Antoniadis
CEO & Founder
"Once again this is a great course for someone getting started with Bubble. I find the setup portion - Database Planning and Feature Planning - especially valuable. Learning some critical skills in terms of creating a social network and how to deal with posts, followers, likes, and more. Thx!"
Self-portrait of Product Manager, Steve De Long
Steve De Long
Product Management Consultant
"If you wanted to learn more about Bubble, you should take these courses. Lachlan is a very effective instructor that clearly communicates each step of the way. Each video is focused on specific topics and the course is easy to follow."
Self-portrait of Design Lead, Michael Lee
Michael Lee
Senior Product Designer
"Great courses for Bubble users of any level. Lachlan explained the concepts really well and I was able to build out my own app with no issues."
Businessman, Prem Hirubalan, standing at a developer conference
Prem Hirubalan
Founder - LimLim
"Great overview that takes you from a blank page to complete MVP. Perfect length and amount of detail to set you up well and put you on the right path. Highly recommended!"
Tech founder, Harry Brown, self-portrait photo
Harry Brown
Founder - Dream Day
"Lachlan not only provides instruction on how to use the tool but also context that can be transferred to other Bubble projects."
Self portrait of Product Manager, Ashley Frank
Ashley Frank
Product manager
"Very helpful and Lachlan explains things slowly and clearly to help us new users."
Self-portrait of Customer Relations Manager, Deka Rebaudo
Deka Louis Rebaudo
Customer Relationship Manager
"I like how you are showing me the EXACT buttons to push so I can follow along."
Self-portrait of Digital marketer, Ryan Herron
Ryan Herron
Digital Marketing Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

None at all! All you’ll need is a free Bubble account to get started. I’ll start from the basics and walk you through everything in detail.

I consistently uploaded a new course every 4-6 weeks. This pace allows me to maintain the quality of each course while continually adding new value.

As this bundle states, you’ll be entitled to a 1-hour Zoom session with myself to provide any help or feedback on your build. You’ll also get access to ongoing email support where I can share insights about anything related to my courses. I’ll often respond to any query with a screen recording that walks through the problem-solving process.

It’s important to remember that support is NOT consulting. While I’m happy to help provide guidance, I won’t build your application for you. The purpose of my courses is to empower you with the skills required to build your own application.

Note: My support doesn’t cover anything that’s NOT related to my courses. If you’re looking to buy an hour of time for something completely unrelated, I won’t be able to help you.

After you purchase the bundle, you’ll get immediate access to all of the course tutorials. I’ll then send you a personal email to schedule a time to catch up. Before each call, I’d always recommend sending me a list of items you’d like to cover. This will help me prepare anything I need – ensuring you get the most out of our session.

Yes. If you’re interested in team training, or access to a large cohort of students, feel free to get in touch here.