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Peltarion allows you to seamlessly create, deploy, and integrate AI learning models within your Bubble application. Without writing a single line of code, they make it possible to quickly harness the power of AI.

Harnessing the power of AI is something that traditionally required years of data science or engineering experience. Peltarion has made the process more accessible than ever with an easy-to-use platform designed for no-code makers like yourself.

Whether you’re looking to use computer vision, create a predictive model, or even run sentiment analysis scoring – Peltarion allows you to leverage pre-built, state-of-the-art models that are ready to perform. They take care of the heavy lifting by sourcing and training the most appropriate deep learning model for your unique use case.

No-code AI model being built in Peltarion

A seamless visual interface

The Peltarion platform is a visual tool that allows you to upload custom data sets, identify your deep learning goals, train and review your model performance, then easily integrate the end result within your Bubble application.

Their platform empowers no-code makers to control the end-to-end process of training and deploying their own AI.

Screenshots of Peltarion no-code AI platform

What You Can Build With Peltarion

Like all deep learning models, the possibilities within Peltarion are only limited by your imagination. The most challenging part of their platform is deciding on what to build.

Their library of pre-built AI models makes it possible to easily build solutions using image recognition, natural language processing (NLP), or even predictive analytics.

Some of my favorite use cases include; creating a model to identify and label the sentiment of user feedback, or even a model that can provide a shortened summary from a large corpus of text within a book.

When building a model, Peltarion even provides a library of pre-existing data sets, saving you the time of sourcing your own reliable training data.

Getting Started With Peltarion

Getting started is as easy as creating a free account. Without any previous engineering experience, I was able to quickly train and deploy my own model in a matter of hours.

Once you have an account, simply start by uploading a working data set, or even choosing from one of the pre-structured data sets within the Pletarion library.

Uploading data sets to Peltarions no-code AI platform

From here, the platform will allow you to determine the type of problem you’d like to solve, then provide you with a list of suitable AI models that are ready to train on your data.

After your model has trained, Peltarion will even provide you with automatic recommendations that can help optimize the overall performance of your outcome. This is as simple as clicking a button.

Configuring an AI models input and target within Peltarion

Each time your model completes a training run, you can easily review a myriad of insights about its performance. This is essential to help fine-tune a model for your unique use case.

Training performance from a deep learning models first Peltarion experiment

Finally, when your model is ready to launch, you can choose to deploy it with a click of a button, then seamlessly integrate this within your Bubble app.