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How to Build a Slack Clone With No-Code using Bubble

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Ready to save 3-5 months learning how to build your app from scratch?

This course teaches you how to build your own Slack clone without writing a single line of code. This course covers the step-by-step process of creating your own team messaging app that’s ready to launch. Utilizing Bubble’s no-code tool, it explains the exact workflows you’ll need to replicate Slack’s product.

Note: This course also includes access to a bonus tutorial – The Complete Guide To Bubble Responsive Design (Flexbox 2022).

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Throughout 10 course modules, I’ll cover the process of building the following core features:

  • Getting started with Bubble
  • Configuring your database
  • Registering user accounts & creating a team workspace
  • Register invited team members
  • Creating a Slack home page to display channels
  • Creating a new Slack channel
  • Editing the settings of a Slack channel
  • Sending and displaying Slack messages
  • Updating user account settings
  • Additional tips & insights

By the end of this course, you’ll have a working product that can be used to build your own startup, knowledge on how to build a Slack clone for freelance clients, and new skills to expand your Bubble experience.

Learn from an experienced Bubble developer & coach who has helped multiple founders build successful apps without code using Bubble.

In 2020, I worked directly with the Bubble team to write their ‘How-to build’ blog series. Each installment shared written instructions on how to recreate popular products using their no-code tool. To simplify the building process, I’ve created my own video series to help guide you in a more engaging way.

This course is built for:

  • Anyone who wants to quickly build their own team messaging app like Slack with minimal cost and time input
  • Anyone interested in learning about Bubble’s no-code development tool
  • Anyone looking to extend their skills as a freelance Bubble developer
  • Makers who want to extend their knowledge into Bubble’s no-code toolset


  • A free Bubble account
  • A basic understanding of Bubble, although I’ll walk you through everything is thorough detail.

Course content:

Section 1 – Getting started with Bubble

  • Getting started with Bubble’s no-code tool

Section 2 – Configuring your database

  • Creating your custom Slack clone database

Section 3 – Registering user accounts & creating a team workspace

  • Creating a workflow to register new users & create a team workspace

Section 4 – Register invited team members

  • Creating accounts for team members who have been invited to a workspace

Section 5 – Creating a Slack home page

  • Building a home page to display a list of team channels

Section 6 – Creating a new Slack channel

  • Building a workflow to create a new team channel

Section 7 – Editing channel settings

  • Creating a workflow to edit the settings of a Slack channel

Section 8 – Sending and displaying Slack messages

  • Building a workflow to send messages within a channel

Section 9 – Updating user account settings

  • Allowing users to update their account information

Section 10 – Wrapping up

  • Additional tips & insights to help on your Bubble journey

Get The Full Course

Just $89


Get Access To All Courses

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What past students are saying

"I thought building a ride-hailing app like Uber was very complex and intimidating, but Lachlan can explain the building process using Bubble very clearly, which is easy to follow. Now I feel empowered because I know how to build MVP apps using Bubble."
Self-portrait of app developer, Hadi Rasyid
Hadi Rasyid Sono
Corporate Strategy Analyst
"Great overview that takes you from a blank page to complete MVP. Perfect length and amount of detail to set you up well and put you on the right path. Highly recommended!"
Tech founder, Harry Brown, self-portrait photo
Harry Brown
Founder - Dream Day
"If you wanted to learn more about Bubble, you should take these courses. Lachlan is a very effective instructor that clearly communicates each step of the way. Each video is focused on specific topics and the course is easy to follow."
Self-portrait of Design Lead, Michael Lee
Michael Lee
Senior Product Designer

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